Sunday, February 12, 2017

#VisuEssayJam entry - Press Start

I was very intrigued by the Visual Essay Jam. Writing text criticism has been difficult for me over the past year, and a change in format felt exciting enough to inspire me. 

My Jam Entry is here: Press Start. I don't want to expound too much on it, since if the essay can't speak for itself then I have failed. If I've failed, I'd love feedback on it. This was something really new for me, and it is difficult to assess how well I did. 

I spent a while thinking of what topic I wanted to cover. I think my Deus Ex Photojournal was pretty close, but it relied too much on interstitial text and didn't really "say" much. It doesn't function as a piece of criticism as much as a bunch of pretty pictures that I liked. I didn't want to recover familiar ground with my submission, and I haven't been playing enough games lately that I had materials ready for something similar. 

I also considered taking Games and Food and remixing that content into an entry. I've already given a presentation on my work with Games and Food and was ready to try something else. 

Uploading my work onto Itch was a pleasure and I plan to move my existing games over to Itch when I get some free time.