Friday, February 26, 2021

How I read the web

I use (and pay for!) Newsblur - A newsreader for feeds (AKA an RSS reader). 

Here’s what I did to make it look more like Google Reader: 

Under Preferences/Feeds: 

  • List layout 

  • Feed view 

  • Newest first, unread only 

Under Preferences/Stories: 

  • Wrap story content at 700px 

  • Show the entire story even if really, really long 

  • Only show comments from friends (Until there’s a block user functionality!)  

  • Disable the highlighter 


On the “Style” bar at the bottom: 

  • Top 

  • Single story 

  • Auto/Medium 


If there’s a free substack newsletter you like, you can read it by going to the author’s substack and adding “/feed” after the .com. Paid posts will show up with a "Read more" after the first sentence, and you will need to login to substack to read the paid post.  (So becomes