Thursday, May 27, 2021

How I Read Books

 I’ve been able to get a lot more reading done lately (You can follow me on GoodReads if you like). 


I use the Libby app on my phone, which allows me to open ebooks on my Kindle app. This lets me use the same app for library books that I’m used to for my purchased books, but you can easily read books right in the Libby app or just use the Overdrive app. 

The first step is to get a library card. A quick search for “Get library card” and your city/town will get you started – many libraries have made it easier to do online in response to the pandemic. 

I also use the Library Extension - this will put links to your local library on Goodreads and Amazon. That way when a friend recommends a book on Goodreads, or an author links to their Amazon page, it’s easy to check if my library has a copy.  


GoodReads.Com view showing library extension listing Seattle Public Library has all ebook copies of Red Mars checked out 

Library Extension will take you to your library’s Overdrive page. From here, if I don’t want to check a book out immediately, I add it to my Wish List.  


Overdrive website showing Red Mars ebook 


use the “Smart tag” functionality in Libby to sync your OverDrive Wish List (be sure to expand the “+ What if I dismissed the notification” section in that document). This lets me keep a handy queue of books that I’d like to read when someone goes on a book-recommending frenzy. I can check them out directly from the Libby app. Goodreads has a “Want to read” list, but on my phone I would have to open GoodReads to check that list, copy the title, open Libby, and search for it there. It's much easier to just tag it in Libby/OverDrive as a wishlist book.