Dwarf Fortress: Misc


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Okay, hopefully by now you have a solid grasp on a few concepts:
  • How to look around, and use “k”, “v” and “q” to get additional information about things you see on the map.
  • How to meet dwarves basic needs: food, alcohol, and bedrooms.
  • How to build buildings, and change dwarf labor preferences so buildings get built and stationed
  • How to designate zones and stockpiles to keep your fortress organized
  • How to trade
  • How to set up a squad for training.

Here are a few things you might run into during the course of this tutorial:

A dwarf died!
Dead dwarves can happen for a lot of reasons. When they die, they get an ugly maroon background tile. If you have a dead dwarf, you should bury them! From a mason or carpenter workshop, add a task to build a coffin. Once the coffin is built, “b”uild a burial recepticle (“n”). Place it, and use “q”. Press “b” to use it for burial, and then “p” to turn off pet burial (unless you set the specific setting way back in the “setup” stage of this tutorial, in which case you don’t need to press “p” as pet burial is already off!).

A dwarf is taken by a fey/strange/possessed mood!
I’m just going to link to the wiki on this topic, since it’s quite expansive and helpful: Strange Mood

A monster/bad thing appeared and started attacking dwarves!
You can either wait it out or jump to the squad section and make a quick squad to go attack it.

Other useful stuff:
Try building other workshops and consulting the wiki about what they do! A fishery is a quick way to get new kinds of food, as is a butchery/tanning workshop - for a bonus, build a leather workshop to convert animals into armor!

Keep mining! Dig deep enough, and you might find metals - great for making weapons and armor - or magma, which can power forges.

Check out complicated structures, like bridges, channels, rules for happiness, nobles, and healthcare

Try to raise the value of your fort! If you get it high enough, the High King of Dwarfdom will make his throne in your fort. You can raise value by:
* Creating roads, especially paved roads made of precious metal
* Designate smooth stone for your entire fort - this will take a long time, but it will result in a polished, clean looking fortress

Try to optimize your fort’s layout so craftsmen spend a minimal amount of time running back and forth. You can set up stockpiles that only draw from other stockpiles!

Start a new fort in a more difficult area - evil, savage, etc.