Sunday, May 22, 2011

brief programming note

apologies for the interruption, but a few items of note re: the upkeep of this blog.

(1) This Blog now has a Facebook Page in case you find RSS too clunky, my Twitter too cluttered, and the fact that I don't have access to your face and name inconvenient. It is automatically propagated with new posts as well as links to older items with witty commentary. Right now it is "experimental" but if enough people "like" the page, it will continue to exist.

(2) Comments have been upgraded to the near-ubiquitous Disqus plugin, replacing the old, horrible terrible default Blogger commenting system. It shouldn't be too intrusive, and it should allow the rambling reply-focused nature of my comments to be a bit better-formed. I don't think anyone should "care", and old comments have been ported over, but if you have any ideological or practical issues with Disqus let me know? I'll fix it.

(3) This blog's "one-year" anniversary came and went without comment. Except for this comment. Ok.

(4) (VIDEOGAME RELATED) Outland is a truly excellent, well-designed and well-crafted game. It seems to have received a criminally small amount of attention, sandwiched between Portal 2 and L.A. Noire. It's bullet-hell meets Metroid and it might be one of the few games I actually finish this year.


  1. Excellent, we'll be playing Outland at a student group meeting in a week or so.  And I'm glad to see you've upgraded the comment system!

    Also: congrats on the anniversary!  Here's (selfishly!) hoping for many more to come.

    Finally: I appreciate the tone quotes throughout.  I imagine them expressed with full-on finger flexion, or (F.F.) as necessary.

  2.  It's possible that that image didn't land where I assumed it would.  We live in a world of uncertainty.